Our typical naming project works like this:

You give us a sample or a thorough description of the product, service or company you wish to name. Tell us your criteria for the kind of name you want. Give us an overview of the names of your competitors along with any other industry-specific information that might be helpful.

The Naming Company then drafts a one-page Assignment Summary for your approval. Once we’ve determined the parameters of the project, we get to work creating names and compiling lists of the ones that best fit your criteria. 

Within five business days we respond by email with our recommendations. This consists of a short list of names that we strongly believe in and that best fit your needs. We don’t pad out our lists with “filler” names. Typically we present 40 to 50 names, but this number varies with the breadth of the criteria the client specifies. Each candidate on our list includes a brief rationale that explains why we suggested the name, how we arrived at it, etymology, or other pertinent issues. 

Once you have selected your favorite names, you should begin your trademark search and registration process. We do not perform these necessary legal services but we can recommend a law firm to you, or you can use your own attorney. 

In the rare instance that none of our recommended names clears a trademark search, we will perform a second round of naming at no extra charge. We will ask you for additional criteria or a new direction and we will go through the process again, pursuing other possibilities and returning in another five days with a short list of names we recommend.