The Name Teamô

The Name Team is our name for the hand-picked group of professional namers who are assigned to your project. We always use a large team to get as much variety in the names as possible. Youíre guaranteed ten sharp minds tackling your naming problem. The diversity of The Name Team ensures that each problem is approached from several different perspectives.

The Naming Company roster currently includes more than 30 naming specialists with diverse professional backgrounds. Some are multi-lingual or have large English vocabularies, others are skilled at creating Fanciful (coined) names that may have no meaning at all. Artists and musicians sometimes provide creative insights that skilled linguists overlook. The key to success is in having namers with a mix of skills on each project.

Namers are chosen not only for their skill with words, their fluency in foreign languages, and their creativity, but also for their particular approach. Some members of The Name Team are great blue-sky thinkers whose name concepts are delightfully creative, whimsical and unexpected. Some are methodical and precise in their approach and craft meticulous lists that are short and to the point, with every name a strong contender. Others are dedicated researchers who dig deep into Latin roots and mythology. It is fascinating to see the broad spectrum of ideas that are generated on a given project.