Naming Services

One of the most important things you can own is a distinctive name for your product, service or business. An established trademark or service mark is the foundation of your brand, upon which all your marketing and advertising is built. Your name becomes an asset which has value in and of itself.

The Naming Company can create a brand name that will serve as a trademark for a new product, the name of a web site (including the “dot com” domain name), a service mark for new service business, or the corporate identity of a new corporation. The Naming Company has been asked to a name mergers, subsidiaries and new divisions of existing companies. The Naming Company has also titled movies and TV series, and christened new television channels.

If you’ve just begun the naming process, we can develop a list of appropriate candidates for you to consider. Or, if you have attempted to create a name with your internal creative department, The Naming Company can help you narrow down your list of candidates, or add more to it.

Our goal is to help you arrive at a memorable name that will be a solid, defensible trademark. We structure our services to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible and make the process as painless for you as we can. 

For each naming project we assemble a hand-picked Name Team™ of professionals who go to work researching, brainstorming and creating a list of new names from which to choose. A group of ten experienced namers tackles your problem and offers a variety of solutions that can lead to a registered trademark and a distinctively named product which you can bring to market. 

The Naming Company provides you with targeted, tightly edited lists of possible names that have potential as marketable trademarks – each with a sound rationale that supports our recommendation.  

Whether it’s a new product or a whole product line, a merger of two companies or a new division, a single name or a complete nomenclature system, The Naming Company can develop names that suit your needs.  

Look to The Naming Company when you are introducing a new product, launching a new service, or starting up a new business. For more information, contact us and include your phone number. We will be glad to discuss your naming project and provide a free quote.