The No-Nonsense Approach To Naming
The Naming Company takes a “no-nonsense” approach to finding the perfect name for you. We don’t add pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo to complicate an already challenging process. We have no hidden agenda – you make the final decision so there’s no incentive to try and sell you on a name you don’t like. Our only goal is to help you arrive at a memorable, marketable name that will be a solid, defensible trademark. We want to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible and make the process as painless for you as we can.

At The Naming Company we keep our fees low by eliminating expensive frills from our naming projects. We don’t trick you into paying for pretentious services you don’t need. We are direct and straightforward.

We understand that naming is hard work. There are no shortcuts or quick fixes. We pride ourselves on dedicated customer service and on using the right tools for the job. The best way to find a good name is to put a large number of smart, talented, creative people to work on solving the problem. The result is as complete and exhaustive an examination of the naming possibilities for your product or service as you are likely to find.

We approach naming as a creative problem-solving process. We understand that each naming situation is different and deserves project-specific thinking and a customized approach.

Not all companies approach naming the same way. Some naming consultants try to match up your needs with a pre-cleared name already in their database, like buying a suit off the rack. The Naming Company tailors each project to your specific needs.

Some naming consultants use the shotgun approach and present lists of hundreds, even thousands of names. We don’t ask our clients to wade through endless laundry lists of English words culled from the dictionary. That wastes everyone’s time and complicates the decision-making process. At The Naming Company we focus our thinking and come back with a short list of names that’s right on target.

Name generation process involves several methods. First we assemble a Name Team™ of ten professional namers who concentrate, study and research to come up with possible solutions. We brainstorm. We noodle. We use computer programs to kick-start our creative process. We consult the dictionary, the encyclopedia and the thesaurus for inspiration. We explore competitors’ names for context and examine your lists of rejected names for direction. And we spend plenty of time “blue-sky” thinking. Rarely are there “eureka moments” when the winning name appears like a bolt from the blue. More often, it requires thoughtful consideration to determine which names have the greatest merit. It’s hard work, but we enjoy it.

Once our list of names has been compiled, it is edited down to just the ones with the greatest potential. We look for names that are distinctive, memorable and marketable. A naming project typically yields 40 to 50 candidates, depending on the criteria our client specifies.