Rates and Policies 

Contact The Naming Company for a free, no-obligation price quote on your naming project. A figure can be quoted over the phone after a brief discussion of your project. If you wish, we can prepare a proposal with a written bid within 24 hours.  

Projects are billed upon completion and are payable 30 days net. A deposit of 25% is required before work begins. Our fee includes all available rights to the names we recommend. There are no further charges. There is never a buy-out fee for the name you choose. This can be especially advantageous to large companies that frequently release new products. An unused name we create for your new product this year may be appropriate for another product you release next year. 

Trademark searching, registration and other legal expenses are not included in our services. Most of our clients already have legal counsel and hiring us to do the necessary trademark searches would be a duplicated effort. For this reason, The Naming Company does not employ full-time attorneys. Our lower overhead allows us to be very competitive. Legal due diligence is solely the client’s responsibility.

The Naming Company works with clients in the United States only. This restriction is necessary not only for legal reasons but for language and cultural concerns. 

We perform our services in good faith and make every attempt to be completely original in our thinking. However, The Naming Company does not warrant any of our names to be free from trademark conflicts since it is impossible to know in advance which names are already in use. To reduce legal fees, it is much more cost-effective to first select the names you like from our list and then search only the ones that interest you.

While The Naming Company is well-versed in the creative and strategic aspects of naming, only a professional trademark attorney can properly advise you in trademark issues and legal matters.

However, if you need legal assistance in searching and clearing a trademark, we would be happy to recommend The American Trademark Company, a very proficient and knowledgeable firm with a specialty in trademark law. Their fees are reasonable and their expertise in this area is unparalleled.