Previous Projects

Here are just a few of our naming success stories we would like to share: 

If you’ve been in Best Buy lately you’ve seen two lines of products we named for them. Televisions, DVD players and other technology products were branded as Dynex™ by The Naming Company. The house brand innit™ was also created by us for the Best Buy line of cases and accessories.   

The Naming Company created the Dynex brand for Best Buy

The Maine Credit Union League came to us with a naming problem. Their long name had become abbreviated as MECUL, which was meaningless and had an unpleasant sound to it. We changed their name to Synergent™ because of the intelligent synergies they provided to their members. 

Ross Products, makers of Ensure™, Glucerna™, Pedialite™, and other nutritional and dietary products, developed a protein-rich breakfast bar that can be warmed in the microwave. But what to call it? The Naming Company recommended Warm-Ups™ and the product should be in stores soon.  

Viacom acquired The Nashville Network and decided to base it in New York, rather than Nashville. The new TNN would still have a mostly male audience, but it would focus more on wrestling and less on country music. The Naming Company suggested Spike TV™ as a name that sounds masculine without limiting the kind of programming the channel presents. 

The Naming Company named Spike TV

Tiffany Computer Systems was an IT staffing company with an identity crisis. Their original name sounded dated and frivolous, and sent the wrong message. We re-christened the company Versatech because of their versatility in computer technology. 

Vycom makes a sturdy, high-quality vinyl trim used as a replacement for wood in non-stress-bearing applications. It was tentatively called TrimTec but that name was too similar to competitor’s product. We looked for a name that would be very distinctive and completely meaningless, such as Trex, Corian and Tyvek. We called the product AZEK not only for the uniqueness of the name but because of the apparent stability of the letterforms.

The Naming Company created the name Azek

MidCon Corp was well-established as an industrial energy company. But when they started a retail business unit they needed a new name. We named the company mc2 because it is associated with energy (E=mc2) and because it echoed the initials of the parent company.